Due to the pandemic, SCHOC is permitting professional visits only


To: Attorneys of those in custody of SCDOC

Date: July 1, 2020

From: Chris Brackett, Superintendent

The Strafford County Department of Corrections is committed to the safety and well-being of those who are both detained and who work here. 

Due to the continued concerns related to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Strafford County Department of Corrections shall continue the requirement of masks.  Upon entry to the facility, the mask protocol still remains in effect. Screening shall continue as well in accordance with Centers for Disease Control recommendations. The masks are a requirement to have a visit with the individual or individuals you are here to visit.  Masks are also a requirement for those in custody that come to meet with you.  In the event that either party chooses to not participate in this mandate, the visit is subject to termination. We ask for your assistance in ensuring that all parties are wearing masks at all times.

Strafford County DOC also provides non-contact visits that allow privileged communication between an attorney and their client.  In addition, SCDOC offers communication via ZOOM for Attorneys and their clients.  For more information on this, please contact the Classification Department for more information.

Thank you for your cooperation as we navigate this National health emergency.

Chris Brackett

Superintendent, Strafford County Department of Corrections


pagetitle thercomm
  • Pre-Treatment Addictions Program
  • Women’s Recovery Program
This program is a substance abuse treatment program within the Strafford County Jail. The program follows a segregated “Therapeutic Community” model where participants receive drug and alcohol counseling, cognitive behavior change programming and peer support activities to promote recovery from substance abuse addiction. Separate programs are offered for men and women.

Program Philosophy: To provide intensive substance abuse treatment and behavior modification to prepare offenders for release into community based treatment or into an intermediate sanction such as Strafford County Drug Court, Strafford County Community Corrections or Strafford County Academy

Program Structure: Program has 3 Phases of Treatment. Each phase is a minimum of 30 days. (The program counselors and treatment team decide individual treatment course in each phase which may last longer than the minimum length of the phase.) Participants may be court ordered to complete specific phases as a precursor or sanction for community release or complete all phases as an alternative to community based programs.

Program Activities: All program activities are mandatory:
  • Group and individual counseling: 4 cumulative hours per day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. 6 cumulative hours on Monday and Friday
  • Drug and alcohol education and didactics. Daily classes.
  • 12 STEP programs: Daily meetings and daily peer groups
  • Mandatory Education: Any participant without at least a GED diploma is required to attend GED classes in conjunction with the program.
  • Life skills education: Classes include: Anger Management, Parenting, Positive Options, Positive Mental Attitude and Nutrition.
  • Vocational Planning: Employment skills classes, vocational assessment and career planning
  • Discharge Plan and Sobriety Maintenance
  • Spiritual Programs: Daily meditation with volunteer clergy.
  • Recreational Programs: Yoga and daily structured recreation.
  • Personal Responsibility Programming: Participants must pass daily unit inspections and formal weekly inspections. All participants follow a rigorous daily schedule that includes a 5:30am wake-up and 9:00pm lights out
  • Take Back Your Life: (women only) Volunteers from A Safe Place work with participants on women’s empowerment and domestic violence recovery issues
Program Rules and Admission Criteria

Participants are held to a higher standard of behavior. Any infraction of a facility rule may constitute removal from the program. Additional program specific rules are also in place.

Persons wishing to apply can fill out an application which will be reviewed by the treatment team. If the application is approved, a second interview with a program counselor will be held.

Since the program is within the correctional facility the program is open to anyone desiring recovery. Due to the demand for this program there is generally a waiting list.

For more information:
Contact the Program Department at SCDOC (603) 742-3310

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