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This 90-day program is a substance abuse treatment program within the Strafford County Jail. The program follows a segregated “Therapeutic Community” model where participants receive drug and alcohol counseling, cognitive behavior change programming and peer support activities to promote recovery from substance abuse addiction. Separate programs are offered for men and women.

Program Philosophy: To provide intensive substance abuse treatment and behavior modification to prepare offenders for release into community based treatment or into an intermediate sanction such as Strafford County Drug Court, Strafford County Community Corrections or Strafford County Academy

Program Rules and Admission Criteria

Participants are held to a higher standard of behavior. Any infraction of a facility rule may constitute prevention from entering or removal from the program. Additional program specific rules are also in place.

Persons wishing to apply can reach out to the TC treatment team.

For more information:
Contact the Therapeutic Community Office at (603) 516-5159.

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