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Established in 1986, Strafford County Jail Industries is a factory operating inside the walls of the Strafford County Department of Correction.

Basically, we are a factory with paid inmate employees which provides a cost effective, flexible, supplemental work force to our customers.

Whether your business provides a service or a product, our experienced supervisory staff and well trained inmate employees will enhance your business.

You provide materials, equipment, and work instructions We provide the labor, space, electricity, supervision, and quality products on time

  • Specializing in assembly and packaging to your specifications
  • Hand soldering cable assemblies, hall cells and printed circuit boards to IPC-A-610D standard
  • Stuffing envelopes and preparing mailings
  • Testing and inspection of your products
  • Sewing
  • CAGE Code 4BZ66

We come highly recommended by our past and present private sector partners.

Jail Industries Partners, Past and Present

  • D.T. Magnetics (formerly GFS Mfg.) - 19 years (Winding, soldering, assembly, test, and inspection of transformers and inductors)
  • State of New Hampshire (roadside clean up)
  • Waste Management (sorting recyclable materials)
  • Curtis 1000 (stuffing mailers)
  • Great Bay Training Center (light assembly)
  • Fornax (assemble parts for recyclable oil burner)
  • Governor’s lilac Commission (lilac nursery)
  • Trans Atlantic (assemble and hand solder printed circuit boards)
  • Willey Brothers (light assembly)
  • Ottomans (assemble jewelry)
  • Trelleborg Palmer Chenard (Inspect and fixture fit automotive diaphragms)
  • Rest Easy - 8 years (sewing post-surgery support cushion)
  • Sulzer Mixpac / Precision Assembly  - 18 years (Package and heat seal epoxy mixers, small assembly)
  • Airmar Technology - 15 years (Pin connectors and package/heat seal spare parts kits, solder cable assemblies)
  • Dia•Com Corp. - 6 years (tear, trim, inspect rubber diaphrams)
  • Sgt. Knots Paracord Products LLC. – 4 years (survival bracelets)
  • Warner Power LLC. – 3 year (wire harness assemblies)

What our Customers are Saying

“Working with Strafford County Jail Industries over the past few years has been a great success. When our work load has become greater than we are prepared for, the Jail Industries team has been there to learn new processes and help us out with very short lead time. With the different abilities they have, we have been able to set them up to produce from the most basic operations to more involved, complex assemblies.”

Scott Hart, Materials Manager, Airmar Technology, Milford, NH

“We began working with Jail Industries in 1997. Since then, we have done so many different types of parts and Jail Industries has adapted to the changes along with us. The new facility, with the accessible loading dock, has also enabled us to expand the work to include large pallets of product that we couldn’t do here before. The supervision is of the highest quality and the workers are all properly trained. They can identify problems and have caught many issues with materials before they have been used on a job. All the work is thoroughly inspected when completed and any small issues that arise are easily resolved. The Jail Industries goes all out to satisfy our needs regarding quality and the work is always delivered on time.”

Steve Kirisch, Materials Manager, Owner Precision Assembly

“Starting your own business can be a real challenge; mine was no exception. No longer able to keep up with the process and orders myself, I was in real danger of having to give up my business. Due to the cost of labor and Workers’ Compensation, I was unable to hire anyone. Taking a leap of faith, I contacted Marilyn Allen at Strafford County Jail Industries, as a former employee, I had never seen this kind of operation done there. As it turned out, their versatility to accommodate just about any kind of business worked out to my advantage. They would recruit and train sewers from the inmate population. Not only were they able to help me keep my business running, they are making a top quality product in a timely fashion, that I am proud to show and sell. I would recommend their services to any business needing help.”

Kathleen Cutter, Creator of the Rest Easy™ Comfort Pillow

Business Opportunities and Savings

  • Ø Partner with us and we can train workers to your products and specifications.

  • Ø Receive a $3000.00 tax credit for each employee hired after release.

  • Ø Screened employees before you hire them to assure good work ethics dependability and commitment 

  • Ø We currently train, test and certify workers in laundry operations in cooperation with Yankee Equipment and Patriot Chemicals.

 ISO9000 Certicicate 2009S

  • Ø We also  have workers trained, tested and certified to an international standard in hand soldering IPC-610A Rev. D



For additional information contact:

Michael Garcia, Jail Industries Director
Strafford County Department of Corrections
266 County Farm Road
Dover, New Hampshire 03820
(603) 749-3289 or Fax (603) 516-5165