Transitional Housing

Strafford County’s Transitional Housing Programs provide temporary, supportive, sober housing for men and women who are transitioning from the Strafford County House of Corrections, loss of housing or discharge from another treatment facility, and returning to life in the community. Participants in the program are monitored and supported through case management, court intervention and community support. These supportive elements all focus on the individual’s re-entry process with the goal of reduced recidivism, reduced victims in the community and relapse. The therapeutic nature of Transitional Housing serves to reinforce positive behavior and admonish negative behavior by providing role modeling, counseling and appropriate supervision.

Applicants are required to go through a screening process which can be initiated through the House of Corrections, Strafford County Community Corrections, attorneys, public defenders or other institutional facilities. The discharge planner at the House of Corrections provides referrals for those inmates expressing a need for an appropriate place to live. Those found to be appropriate for the program are contacted to review the rules of Transitional Housing and discuss their individualized goals. Upon release from the House of Corrections prior to moving into Transitional Housing, the participant will meet with the Director to review and sign the program rules and begin the development of an individual self-sufficiency plan for the future. The intake process also includes a review of the fire safety, smoking and other policies of the house 

There are several basic requirements of the residents in Transitional Housing. They are assigned household chores and are expected to maintain the cleanliness of their living quarters. They are required to be out of the unit during week days from 8:30 AM until 4:00 PM. During this time they are expected to be working, looking for work, engaging in family activities, performing community service, etc. The residents are able to live rent-free in the program for the first 30 days. After the 30 day period they are expected to be working at least 35 hours per week, and contribute 30% of their income as a program fee. Should they be unable to obtain employment in that time, they are required to perform community service to cover the program fees. They also are subject to random drug and alcohol testing, follow the house curfew time, attend the weekly house meeting, and update their self-sufficiency plans bi-weekly.  The Housing staff provides transportation to several self-help groups in the community


      Individuals who will be considered eligible for the program will have completed extensive programming inside the House of Corrections and will complete the screening process for the program. 

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What is required of our Residents?

*  Curfews

* In-house mandatory groups

* Job searching

* Chores

* Random drug testing


Program Goals

**  Reduce recidivism of the Strafford County House of Corrections

** Prevent more Strafford County residents from being victims of crime

** Provide individuals with a stable living environment in order to maintain sobriety and obtain employment



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Program Contact Information:

Taylor Belanger, Transitional Housing Director

Phone:  603-749-0832 ext 5173

Fax:  603-740-2955