Effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020, the Strafford County Courthouse will be closed to the public, with the following exceptions:

  • Individuals who need to do business with Circuit and Superior Court clerk’s offices;

  • Individuals involved in court hearings permitted by the New Hampshire Supreme Court Order dated March 16, 2020; and

  • Individuals with pre-approved business with County or State personnel.

For those entering the Courthouse, a brief survey will be conducted to ensure the health and safety of yourself and personnel.

All essential State and County personnel will be allowed into the building to conduct business. Please be supportive and patient as we work together to fight this pandemic and keep our personnel safe. We thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.

Based on the potential devastating effects of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), we are taking all steps suggested by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to deter the disease’s progress. Strafford County’s Team has been working diligently and the closure of the Courthouse was determined the best course of action to continue to protect staff from the likely spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19).

                                                                        Raymond F. Bower

                                                                        Raymond F. Bower

                                                                        County Administrator



DATE:                    June 12, 2017

NH Bureau of Education Celebrates Nearly 150 Graduates

Concord, NH  --  On June 2, 2017, the New Hampshire Bureau of Education and Training (BET) recognized the achievements of 25 graduates from the Bureau’s 2017 Certified Public Managers program at a ceremony held at the New  Hampshire Police Standards and Training facility in Concord. Graduates were joined by family and friends to celebrate their achievements.

Keynote speaker for the graduation ceremony was Victoria Sheehan, Commissioner of the NH Department of Transportation. Dennis Martino, BET Professor Emeritus and member of the National Certified Public Manager Consortium, presented the Askew Award recognizing an exemplary Certified Public Manager capstone project to Denise Morin of Strafford County for her project entitled “Creation and Implementation of an All Hazards Emergency Action Plan” for the civilian employees of Strafford County.

As with any graduation, the highlight for the students is the student speakers. Jason Henry, Carroll County House of Corrections, the CPM student speaker, solidified the connection between the students and the faculty with humorous antidotes and invitations for continued post-graduation networking.

Twenty-five (25) graduates completed the requirements of the NH Certified Public Manager (CPM) program, a competency-based program designed to develop the best practices in public management and leadership. Their work included more than 300 hours of classroom instruction over 2 years plus the completion of a capstone project. These students presented their projects at a Symposium in May. The Symposium is the culminating student experience in the NH CPM program and is designed to showcase their work in the areas of process improvement in their organizations. Their projects included innovations in training and workforce development and efficiency in state, municipal and county government.

The NH Bureau of Education and Training (BET) provides quality education, training and development services to meet the needs of New Hampshire’s public and nonprofit employees. Students in certificate programs and professional development courses learn best practices in management, supervision, and leadership. Graduates apply course principles and improve quality, productivity and effectiveness in government services for the benefit of the State’s citizens and customers.

NH Bureau of Education and Training


The NH Bureau of Education and Training (BET) builds capacity for innovation, effectiveness and professionalism in New Hampshire’s public managers and leaders. For more information on programs, contact Ginger Lever at 603-271-2793.



NH Bureau of Education and Training 2017 Graduates


Certified Public Manager Program

Drouin, Beverly

DHHS: Public Health-DHHS: Public Health

Warr, William

DES:Environmental Serv Dept Of-DES:Environmental Serv,Dept Of

Ladieu, Jeffrey

Safety Dept Of-DOS:Division Of State Police

Welvaert, Jacqueline

Administrative Serv Dept Of-DAS:Division Of Personnel

Robichaud, Krista

Transportation Dept Of-DOT:Transportation, Dept Of

Gray, Trisha

Transportation Dept Of-DOT:Transportation, Dept Of

Lucas, Tiffany

City Of Manchester-City Of Manchester

Salomone-Abood, Melinda

City Of Manchester-City Of Manchester

Clark, Amy

Education Dept of-DOE:Education, Dept Of

Radke, Lori

Town of Bedford-Town of Bedford

Allen, Dawn

Bank Commission-Bank Commission

Burke, Nancy

Bank Commission-Bank Commission

Henry, Jason

Carroll County House of Corrections-Carroll County House of Corrections

Razin, Loretta

Administrative Serv Dept Of-DAS:Bur Plant/prop Management

Edelmann, Jillian

Transportation Dept Of-DOT:Transportation, Dept Of

Shute, Ronald

Liquor Commission-LIQ:Liquor Commission

Morin, Denise

Strafford County-Strafford County

Louis, Karen

Safety Dept Of-DOS:Div Of Fire Standard/trng/

Cotnoir, Janelle

Education Dept of-DOE:Education, Dept Of

Webber, Meghan

Education Dept of-DOE:Vocational Rehabilitation

McGorry, Brandon

Safety Dept Of-DOS:Div Of Emergency Communica

L'Esperance, Alicia

DHHS:Developmental Serv Div Of-DHHS:Developmental Serv, D

Wyman, Daniel

DHHS:Glencliff Home For Elderly-DHHS:Glencliff Home For El

Brooks, Jon

Safety Dept Of-DOS:Div Of Emergency Communica

Blixt, Matthew

Transportation Dept Of-DOT:Bureau Of Turnpikes