JOB TITLE:                                           

Strafford County Community               

                                                                Corrections Mental Health Case


POSITION SUMMARY:                  

Direct clinical supervision by Mental Health Director and administratively supervised by the Criminal Justice Program Coordinator.



  • Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized college or university with major study in criminal justice, behavioral health, psychology, social services or related field. Appropriate experience may be considered in lieu of degree.
  • 1 +years’ experience in corrections, probation/parole, mental health, social welfare, law enforcement or related work.
  • Good physical and mental health. 
  • Ability to work as an individual and also as a team member.  Ability to supervise others.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability and willingness to follow orders promptly and accurately. 
  • Ability to be on call 24/7 for case management emergencies.
  • Ability to become a NH certified correctional officer.
  • Ability to recognize anti-social behavior and mental health issues and to analyze and identify motivating factors underlying criminal behavior for the purpose of developing corrective action.
  • Ability to deal with participants on an unbiased, professional basis.
  • Knowledge of mental health and general resources, specifically offered in Strafford and Rockingham County.




The Mental Health Case Manager will be responsible for:

  1. 1.Following all federal, state and local laws.
  2. 2.Following departmental Operational Guidelines.
  3. 3.Maintaining appearance appropriate to assigned duties as determined by the MH Director and Coordinator.
  4. 4.Performing as a positive role model.
  5. 5.Ability to complete the administration of Community Corrections Mental Health Assessments and setting up initial Mental Health appointments prior to turning case over to SCCCP Pre-Trial Officers and facilitating IEA’s for Strafford County Department of Corrections.
  6. 6.Review applicants for Mental Health Court.
  7. 7.Provide direct oversight and coordinate mental health services for the Mental Health Court participants and Mental Health Post Trial and Pre Trial Community Corrections clients.
  8. 8.Conduct intake interviews for participant-contract signing with appropriate emphasis on adherence to rules.
  9. 9.Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships

with other law enforcement agencies, court officials, collateral

agencies and the general public.

  1. 10.Implementing and enforcing court orders, including filing of motions for revocation and arrest of program participants; prosecuting violations in court when appropriate.
  2. 11.Complete trainings for mental health agencies and jail personnel.
  3. 12.Facilitate Mental Health Groups at the Department of Corrections.
  4. 13.Assist with discharge planning for inmate with mental health issues.
  5. 14.Working effectively with problematic individuals and making independent decisions in the field relative to participant adjustment, to include using disciplinary reports, judge notes and community service as tools to enforce program
  6. 15.Monitoring and recording data (data entry) on participants in order to analyze progress in compliance with court orders, and to maintain uniform case management documentation.
  7. 16.Work as a member of the CIT team and Mental Health Council.
  8. 17.Facilitate meetings with members of the medical and security staff at the DOC to discuss mental health issues within the jail.
  9. 18.Assist participants/inmates with filling out benefit paperwork.
  10. 19.Perform random drug tests accurately, providing proper documentation and follow-up.
  11. 20.Ability to setup and operate the drug testing machine.
  12. 21.Attend court appearances as appropriate and provide information and/or recommendations regarding participants.
  13. 22.Performing any and all other duties as

You are being asked the following questions to comply with the Federal Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA):


Have you ever engaged in sexual activity in the community facilitated by force, the threat of force, or coercion?        Yes _____             No _____


Have you ever been convicted of domestic violence? Yes _____             No _____


Have you ever been convicted of stalking?                                    Yes _____             No _____


Have you ever been convicted for sex offenses committed in the community?

Yes _____             No _____


Have you ever engaged in any type of sexual misconduct either in the workplace or the community?            Yes _____             No _____


If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, please explain:



I have read and understand the job description and agree to carry out my assigned duties in an ethical and responsible manner.  I understand I will be on probation for a period of six months and that period may be extended at the request of the Community Work Program Supervisor.  I have also read the questions pertaining to the Prison Rape Elimination Act and have answered truthfully.


______________________________________________                     _____________________

Signature                                                                                                                               Date


Carrie Lover Conway MSW, Certified Public Manager, Certified Correctional Officer

Strafford County Criminal Justice Programming Coordinator

259 County Farm Road, Suite 103

Dover, NH 03820