COVID-19 update.

All individuals on the county complex continue to work diligently to decrease the risk of transmission of COVID-19 into any building.

We remain closed to all non-essential individuals.

Individuals employed and those who need to enter to conduct essential business continue to go through screening prior to entry to any building. In addition to screening all those that enter the buildings are wearing a face covering when they are within 6 feet of others, this is to achieve source control as many people can be asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic carriers. The masks are intended to decrease the risk of potential transmission of the virus to others. We wear the masks to protect others. A face covering is either a cloth masks with a minimum 2 layers of fabric or a surgical/procedure mask. All buildings continue to aggressively keep anyone out of the building that has had exposure to the virus as well as those that are symptomatic.

The House of Corrections(HOC), Riverside Rest Home (RRH) and The Strafford County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) continue to conduct routine screenings of everyone that reside in the buildings. Both facilities have also identified specific areas to move individuals if anyone is identified as having either potential exposure or who has shown symptoms suspicious of COVID-19. The Nursing Home, HOC, and Sheriff’s office all have access to the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be able to safely interact with any individual that is suspected or is positive for COVID-19.

Testing: Like many others across the nation, we are limited in our availability for testing however we do have access to testing for someone who may become symptomatic. As of today we do not have any positive cases on the Strafford County Complex.