March 21, 2019

After a five (5) month public budgetary process, the Strafford County Legislative Delegation unanimously approved the Strafford County Commissioners’ Proposed 2019 Budget as presented on March 13, 2019. The budget funds all County operations and all Union contracts negotiated for the 2019 calendar year.

Commissioners Maglaras, Watson, and Rollo were very pleased that their Proposed Budget was under the tax caps for the Strafford County cities of Dover, Somersworth, and Rochester. This is the tenth (10th) year in a row that we have accomplished this.

Commissioner Maglaras reports that he is pleased that we continue to find ways to enhance County services while honoring the three cities’ tax caps. Commissioner Rollo stated that the budget also includes fair and responsible increased compensation for all our employees. Commissioner Watson added that the pay and benefit adjustments keep Strafford County competitive in a very tight labor market and recognizes how much we appreciate the hard work of all our employees.

An increase in revenues for inmate boarding at the Strafford County House of Corrections was a key factor in balancing expenses and revenues. The cooperation of all our Elected Officials and Department Heads has produced a great budget for the taxpayers.

We appreciate the hard work and support of Chairman Peter Schmidt and the Strafford County Legislative Delegation in their review and unanimous support of the 2019 budget.