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Bail Supervision Program:

The purpose of the Bail Supervision Program is to interview /assess all persons detained by state and local law enforcement departments prior to that person’s arraignment / bail hearing and to provide the court with relevant and verifiable information to help determine an appropriate bail. Areas of inquiry are: residence, family, alcohol/drug usage, criminal history, other open court cases, warrants or history of appearing in court and ties to the community.

Administrative Home Confinement (Electronic Monitoring):

Administrative Home Confinement is a tool used by the court to impose a specific form of supervision to an individual who has been found guilty of a crime. In some cases this supervision is preceded by a fourteen day NH RSA mandated stand committed time of incarceration at the Strafford County Department of Corrections Facility. The inmate wears an electronic monitoring device, more commonly known as “the bracelet” for a specific amount of time (what the court deems necessary). Movement in the community is closely monitored with minimum time away from home allowed for work or other needs.

Step Down Program:

The Step Down Program is a unique program to Strafford County. This program rewards sentenced inmates who prove by their attitudes and actions that they are taking responsibility for their crimes and are addressing those areas of concern identified by the court. The Department of Corrections Programs Director and Classification Officer refer inmates to the Step Down Program after s/he has exhibited substantial and meaningful participation in jail programs (example: drug/alcohol conviction = drug counseling).

ARC (Addictions Rehabilitation Center) Program:

The Strafford County Department of Corrections has initiated a pilot program in conjunction with Southeastern New Hampshire Services to provide short term residential drug and alcohol treatment for those who have been so ordered as part of their sentence. The ARC Program is designed to provide treatment for inmates with serious chemical dependency issues. The inmate’s treatment lasts from four to six weeks. In the morning they go next door to the Southeastern New Hampshire Services facility. They interact directly with the in-house residential clients - participate 7 days a week, 13 hours a day, and return to jail at night. After they successfully complete the program they usually are released from jail to additional treatment in a halfway house or other residential program.

Weekender/Community Work Program:

The Weekender/Community Work Program solicits work projects from local governmental agencies and non-profit organizations. The Community Work Supervisor works out of the jail and organizes crews of workers sent from local courts.

As an alternative to sentences up to 30 days, including weekend sentences, defendants who qualify will receive a suspended sentence and complete the term of community work to be determined by the court: failure of which brings forth the suspended sentence. Crews are also made up of persons performing community service for the Strafford County Academy program and Strafford County Community Corrections, and as needed, sentenced inmate workers.


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