A) Accommodations

Resident rooms are cheerful and semi-private with a hospital type bed, privacy curtain,  sink and counter space, 3-drawer dresser, and a wardrobe. Each bed is located near a window, and our bedrooms are located away from the community and office areas of the home.Residents are encouraged to bring personal items such as pictures, plants, TV (Maximum size, 21” tabletop), lamp, favorite chair, afghan, etc… to be used as space permits.Prior to use the maintenance department must inspect all electrical items.Due to space limitations and safety concerns, residents may be limited to the amount of personal furniture allowed in a room.Each resident is provided with:

• Comfortable  multi-positioning bed, bed linens, blanket and pillow
• Cabinet for storage of personal items
• Over bed table
• Chair
• Closet

Your bedside cabinet is used to store personal hygiene items and supplies needed for your care. The top drawer is for your personal use.Any food in your room must be stored in a sealed container – either a tin or plastic container would be appropriate. No food should be stored in boxes or bags. You are asked to be careful about crumbs as they provide an invitation to insects.

B) Roommates

Part of your adjustment will involve sharing a room. This can sometimes be difficult, however we work very hard in finding roommates that are compatible.Residents are expected to cooperate with one another and staff to ensure a harmonious, pleasant atmosphere. For example, after 10pm, the volume of all TV’s will be lowered to a level where they cannot be heard in the next bed. We suggest the use of earphones after this hour as a satisfactory alternative.

C) Clothing And Valuables

You are encouraged to have at least a 7 to 10 day supply of clothing. Our laundry department will label the inside of your clothing to help ensure that it is returned to you after laundering. Fabrics must be machine washable and dryable. Any fabrics that require special attention or dry cleaning will be your responsibility.It is strongly recommended that your money be kept in the Resident’s Fund Account. Jewelry and other valuables should be given to your family for safekeeping. The home cannot accept responsibility for items lost, stolen or broken.

D) Personal Care Supplies

You will be provided with personal hygiene supplies. These supplies include shampoo, soap, deodorant, dental care items and lotion. The items supplied are part of our house stock supplies. Should you prefer not to use these items, you are free to purchase a product that you are more comfortable with. The cost of purchasing theses items will be your responsibility.

E) Appliances

All electrical equipment brought into your room must be checked by the maintenance staff before it is put into use so that we can ensure that it meets safety codes. No extension cords are permitted in the facility. Please remember to label all personal equipment.

F) Mail

Residents may send and receive letters Monday through Saturday.Mail will be delivered to your room. You may have your mail opened and read to you should you require this service. Outgoing mail may be deposited at the switchboard with the receptionist where it is picked up by the postal service each afternoon, Monday through Saturday. A book of stamps can be purchased in the Business Office or individual stamps from the receptionist. Our mailing address is:

Riverside Rest Home
276 County Farm Road
Dover, NH 03820

G) Telephones

Telephone jacks are already installed in every resident room. At the time of admission, you or a family member can meet with a business office representative about phone service.  The business office representative will make the arrangements for your phone to be activated.  The telephone bill is your responsibility and will be paid from your personal account at the nursing home. Upon discharge, we will call the phone company to have your service disconnected.

H) Newspaper

Newspapers can be delivered to the facility for you. Ex: Union Leader, Foster’s Daily Democrat, Boston Globe At the time of admission, you or a family member can meet with a business office representative about newspaper service.  The business office representative will make the arrangements for your paper to be activated. Upon discharge, we will call the newspaper to have your service stopped. Payment of the newspaper is your responsibility. At your request, payment can be credited from your personal needs account.

J) Alcohol

Should you wish an alcoholic beverage a doctor’s order is required. Alcohol may not be stored in your room, it can be stored by the home. The alcoholic beverage will be labeled with your name and will be served to you at your request or as ordered by the physician.

K) Smoking

Residents are not permitted to smoke in their rooms.  There is a designated smoking room on each unit where residents may smoke.  In addition, there are designated smoking areas outside of our buildings.

L) Visitors

Visiting hours are not limited by the nursing home but it is expected that discretion will be used by visitors and/or the resident receiving visitors as to the hours and the number of visitors. We encourage visits by family, friends, children of all ages (supervised) and the family pet, if well trained. Overnight accommodations are available for family and friends if you are acutely or terminally ill. Arrangements for overnight stay can be made by contacting the Social Services Office or the Unit Coordinator. You are welcome to go out for rides, meals, or home visits with family/friends as long as doing so is not medically contradicted. We request that you inform the Unit Coordinator (RN) of your plans as soon as you make them in order that proper arrangements for meals and medications can be made. Advanced notification of 2 days must be given to the Home if you are going to be out overnight, as your medications that must accompany you must be ordered from the pharmacy.

M) Television

Cable hook-ups are provided in each resident room. If you would like cable the procedure is as follows:
• You are responsible for supplying your television. The nursing home does not provide TV’s. The use of earphones after 10pm is strongly encouraged.
• Upon admission you will be asked if you would like cable TV. If yes, the monthly cost of the cable will be charged to your personal account.

Contact Info

Strafford County,
New Hampshire,
259 County Farm Road,
Dover, NH 03820