County Elected Officials

Commissioner George Maglaras, Chairman

Commissioner Robert Watson, Vice Chairman

Commissioner Deanna S. Rollo, Clerk

County Treasurer Pamela J. Arnold

259 County Farm Road, Suite 204, Dover, NH 03820, 603-742-1458

 County Attorney Thomas Velardi

259 County Farm Road, Suite 201, Dover, NH 03820, 603-749-2808

 Sheriff David Dubois

259 County Farm Road, Suite 105, Dover, NH 03820, 603-742-4960

Register of Deeds Catherine Berube

259 County Farm Road, Suite 202, Dover, NH 03820, 603-742-1741

Register of Probate Nancy L. Sirois

259 County Farm Road, Suite 203, Dover, NH 03820, 1-855-212-1234


Legislative Delegation – State Representatives

Rep. Steven Beaudoin, District 9, Rochester

Rep. Roger Berube, District 18, Rollinsford, Somersworth

Rep. Peter Bixby, District 17, Dover, Somersworth

Rep. Wayne M. Burton, District 6, Durham, Madbury

Rep. Jackie Cilley, District 4 Barrington

Rep. Donna Ellis, District 8, Rochester 

Rep. Casey Conley, District 13, Dover

Rep. Timothy Fontneau, District 7, Rochester

Rep. Sherry Frost, District 16, Dover

Rep. Amanda Gourgue, District 25, Barrington, Lee

Rep. Robert Graham, District 1, Middleton, Milton  

Rep. Chuck Grassie, District 11, Rochester

Rep. Michael Harrington, District 3, New Durham, Strafford

Rep. James Horgan, District 2, Farmington

Rep. Timothy Horrigan, District 6, Durham, Lee, Madbury

Rep. Thomas L. Kaczynski, Jr., District 22, Rochester

Rep. Sandra Keans, District 23, Rochester

 Rep. Hamilton Krans, Jr., District 14, Dover

Rep. John A. Mullen, Jr., District 1, Middleton, Milton

Rep. Linn Opderbecke, District 15, Dover

Rep. Brandon Phinney, District 24, Rochester

Rep. Joseph A. Pitre, District 2, Farmington

Rep. Jeffrey C. Salloway, District 5, Lee

Rep. Catt Sandler, District 21, Dover, Rollinsford, Somersworth

Rep. Peter B. Schmidt, Chairman, District 19, Dover 

Rep. Matthew Scruton, District 12, Rochester

Rep. Marjorie Smith, District 6, Durham, Lee, Madbury

Rep. Thomas Southworth, District 20, Dover 

Rep. Judith Spang, District 6, Durham, Lee, Madbury

Rep. Matthew Spencer, District 18, Rollinsford, Somersworth

Rep. Dale R. Sprague, District 18, Rollinsford, Somersworth

Rep. Susan Treleaven, District 17, Dover,  Somersworth

Rep. Len Turcotte, District 4, Barrington 

Rep. Kenneth S. Vincent, District 17, Dover, Somersworth

Rep. Janet Wall, District 6, Durham, Lee, Madbury

Rep. Kurt Wuelper, District 3, New Durham, Strafford 


Governor, Congressmen, U.S. & State Senators

Honorable Governor Christopher Sununu

Honorable Councilor Joseph D. Kenney, Executive Council, District 1: Middleton, Milton, and New Durham

The Honorable Councilor Christopher C. Pappas, Executive Council, District 4: Barrington, Lee

Honorable Councilor Russell Prescott. Executive Council, District 3: Barrington, Dover, Durham, Lee, Madbury

Honorable Councilor Andru Volinsky, Executive Council, District 2: doer, Durham, Farmington, Madbury, Rochester, Rollinsford, Somersworth, Strafford

Honorable US Congressman Carol Shea-Porter, Congressional District 1

Honorable U.S. Senator Maggie Hasson

Honorable U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen

Honorable State Senator Jeb Bradley, District 3: Middleton, Milton

Honorable State Senator James Gray, District 6: Farmington, New Durham, Rochester

 Honorable State Senator Martha Fuller Clark , District 21: Durham, Lee, Madbury

Honorable State Senator John Reagan, District 17: Strafford

Honorable State Senator David Watters, District 4: Barrington, Dover, Rollinsford, Somersworth