Nancy Harris-Burovac

Victim Assistance Director

Strafford County Attorney’s Office

Victim Assistance Program

(Superior Court)

Seal Marble

Telephone:  (603) 749-4215 * Fax (603)


Carolann Jensen

Victim Assistance Coordinator

The Victim Assistance Program at the Strafford County Attorney’s Office provides information, guidance and support to victims of crime and their families as they find themselves involved with the criminal justice process.  Often times, victims of crime find that they are unfamiliar with the workings of the criminal process and what their role will be.  The Victim Assistance Program strives to ensure that all victims of crime in Strafford County are afforded the rights guaranteed to them by the New Hampshire Victim’s Bill of Rights, R.S.A. 21-M:8-k

The Victim Assistance Program, as part of the prosecution team, ensures that victims of crime are heard throughout the process and that they are informed at every stage of the case in which they are involved.  Each victim and case is assigned a Victim Assistance Coordinator to work closely with them to answer their questions and prepare them for what to expect during this process.  Knowledge can be an empowering step toward dealing with fear and unfamiliar surroundings.  Participating in the criminal justice process is about truth and can be an experience about which victims feel proud.  

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