Seal StraffordSupervision Fee Payment Options
For Select Community Corrections Programs
(Please consult with your Case Manager to see if any of these options apply to your current program)
Monetary Option
You have the option of paying your supervision fees with either cash or using a money order made payable to:  Strafford County.  The office will not have change in the office, so exact cash payments are required.  Under no circumstances will personal checks be accepted.
Job Search Option
If you are looking for a job, or currently have a job and would like to look for some other form of work, you may fill out a Job Search Sheet.  For every completed sheet (10 job applications) you will be given $80 credit towards your supervision fee balance.  This form is available in the lobby waiting area, and with your case manager.
Community Work Program Option
You have the option to work off your fees by doing community service with the Community Work Program.  For each day worked, you will receive $80 credit towards your supervision fees.
Outside Community Service Option
If you are unable to do the Work Program, you have the option of finding your own community service with any non-profit agency.  You must obtain the information about the agency and get approval from your Case Manager before starting to work for them in order to get credit.  If prior approval is not obtained, there will be no guarantee that you will be given credit to your fees.  You will be given a $10 credit for every hour worked.  You must complete an Outside Community Service sheet and have it signed by the Supervisor of the non-profit agency, and your Community Corrections Case Manager before you will be given credit.  These forms are available in the lobby waiting room and with your Case Manager.
Donation Option (limited time)
The Community Corrections Office works with local agencies to provide donations for those families in need.  During designated times of the year, you can donate non-perishable food items which are donated to the local food pantry, or pet food and supplies are donated to the local animal shelter, and/or you can donate toys for the Toys For Tots organization.
For unexpired non-perishable food donations, you will be given a credit towards your supervision fees for every item.  The amount is determined by either a receipt provided by you, or by the size and amount of the items.
For toy donations, the toy must be a new unused unwrapped toy.  In order to get credit towards your balance, you must provide a receipt of some form listing the value of the item.
Used Toy Donations
If you have used toys in good/clean condition, and can find a non-profit agency who will accept the toys, you will be given credit towards your fees.  The requirement for credit towards fees is to provide a letter from the agency that accepted the toys listing the amount/value donated.  That amount will in turn be credited to your balance.
If you have any questions regarding any of the above listed options, please contact your Case Manager for further information.